Opening/Artist Reception – Gallery on S. 2nd Ave.

Pop Up Art Gallery
From Sea to Shining Sea – People, Places, & Things in America

Opening/Artist Reception
Saturday, November 5
7 to 9 p.m.
7 South 2nd Avenue

Featuring the Work of:
Gary Adams | Guy J. Bellaver | Rick Brems | Jared Chimil | Al DaValle | Linda J. Evans | Claudia Frost | Marcia Gutierrez | Ray Kobald | Karen Muehlfelt | Chris Pappas | James Patinka | Sherry Pritz | Linda Roxe
Nanette B. Stephens | Dennis Walz | Debra Yepa-Pappan | Fred H. Zinke

St. Charles East High School:
Video Montage of Veteran Interviews
Library of Congress Project Leader
Sydney Aganon (Class of 2017)
Video Created by Maria Kantak (East alum)
Gallery Window Art Design and Production
Nina Grover – Design
Production Team:  Nina Grover | Will MacCarthy

East Faculty Advisor – Neil Currie
S. 2nd Space – Owner, Wendell Clancy & Realtor, Brian Henry

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