Introducing the Gratitude Project


Dr. C. Alfred Patten (who, along with his wife Maurine are city treasures) announces the creation of the Gratitude Project, whose purpose is to express the community’s gratitude, through the medium of public art, to the volunteers and leaders who have given so much of themselves to and for the city of St. Charles.

Al is responsible for the reflections sculpture, honoring volunteerism as exemplified by Max and Doris Hunt.  He has now begun another public art project to show the community’s gratitude to Sharon and Vern Oie, long-time residents and active volunteers.  Al feels that he has taken the public art “mantle” from Sharon Oie, the driving force behind the sculptures of Colonel Baker and Dellora Norris.  Both of those projects are visual representations of the city’s gratitude to the Baker/Norris family who did so much to make this city the beautiful place that it is.   Also included in this inventory of public art projects whose purpose is to express gratitude to a St. Charles resident is the sculpture If I Could But Fly, dedicated to Bob Leonard, and sited along Bob’s Riverwalk.

More information about the Oie project will be available soon. The SCAC is proud to be a part of Al’s project, and will be accepting charitable donations for it.

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