“Just Clayin’ Around” Art Show Opening March 31

The Fine Line has a show opening Friday, March 31 that features the work of pottery collective ClayMirth. The Opening Reception for “Just Clay’n Around” will be from 6 to 8 p.m. The show runs until May 13.

ClayMirth was founded in 1999 as a group of Fine Line potters who enjoy working and playing together. This exhibit at the Kavanagh will feature new sculptural and functional works by Fine Line potters, past and present.

While the SCAC has been working on the Art in Public Places project, we discovered that the wonderful clay “totems” at both East High School and at Fine Line are the product of ClayMirth. And the East totems – the “Wayfinders Towers” – were a collaborative project between students and ClayMirth’s talented potters (read the wonderful story below the images).  So not only have they been around for almost 20 years, they’ve contributed to our community beyond just simply exhibiting their art.







November 2003 was the workshop day for the Wayfinders Towers.  Kim Miner and Marcy Rogge brought in 300 pounds of clay and worked with students throughout the day to create individual tower pieces.  They took the pieces home for firing and then assembled the 3 towers for an artists’ reception in the Norris Gallery.  They titled the towers “Wayfinders” in the spirit of early peoples’ practice of stacking stones on the landscape to let those that follow know that others had passed this way.

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