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Our most recent Pop-Up Gallery will be Opening on Friday,
April 28 at Pheasant Run Resort.
Over the course of the next couple of months, keep up to date on
this Gallery by going to the PRR page of this website, or by
checking out the SCAC’s Blog.

Men’s Class by Len Bielefeldt


We are pleased to announce the Artists whose work will be shown in the 5th Annual Student Art Gallery Show.  The Opening Reception is on Saturday, March 11 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.  Appetizers and drink will be served. The gallery is located at 7 South Second Avenue (EAST of the Fox River) in St. Charles, Illinois.  It is open from March 11 through March 25.

The 2017 Student Art Gallery Show features 2D and 3D visual art (including painting, sculpture, and photography), and video art, from 100 students.

Artists in the Student Art Gallery Show are:

Varda Ahmed | Adair Allen | Erin Baker | Grayden Bates
Pamella Bernard | Lauren Rae Berry | Lisa Bessler | Ben Binder
Saffron Bruno | Kylie Carlson | Nick Carrera | Sam Carrera
Adrian Regnier Chavez | Cate Costello | Alexandra Davis
Meagan Deiss | Antonio Del Toro | Michael Di Iorio
Josh Dickerson | Corinna Dietz | Anne Douglass | Kim Estrada
Emma Finstrom | Edie Flochmeyer | Delia Franz | Molly Franz
Shea Frawley | Nicole Gerke | Alexandra Gill | Nicole Hanlon
Lauren Hansford | Alexandra Harding | Elizabeth Hariran
Imaan Hasan | Abby Hayes | Tommy Hofmeyer | Paige Hudon
Briana Huerta | Julie Rochelle Isaccs | Grace Olivia Jaeger
Alyssa Kave | Alana King | Mady Kosanovich | Zoe Kovac
Angela Kvitek | Kyra Landrowski | Ty Lndrowski
Kylie Landrowski | Sophie Le | Breannan Lemp | Katie Lentz
Bob Livermore | Cooper Livermore | Sarah Look
Madison Loveland | Mia Malnati | Nicola Manigel
Courtney Mansour | Emilie McHenry | Caitlyn Mirarik
Titus Mitchell | Verity Mitchell | Reagan Moritz | Max Nink
Hanna Noel | Aubree O’Dell | Rachel O’Hara | Victoria Olfiara
Rachel Peyton | Johanna Philips | Cassie Pitte | Calvin Reed
Sean Renwick | Carter Riley | Ariana Rosales | Mackenzie Santucci
Mylanie Santucci | Nora Schnulle | Nicole Schofield
Claire Sebastian | Abby Shaw | Sophia Sinopoli | Peyton Smith
Hailee Devon Stay | Daniel Stetzinger | Cameron Sury
Maine Triplett | Taylor Vacek | Nathan Wafer | Sophie Wallace
Franki Walsh | Grace Wanshek | Katelynn Ware
Madison Watwood | Anna Yingst | Sam Yingst

Any questions about this Event may be directed to the St Charles Arts Council at 630.443.3794 or at info@StCharlesArtsCouncil.org.

Gallery will be open:    Saturday, March 11 – Saturday, March 25
Artist Reception:           Saturday, March 11 – 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Gallery Days/Hours:
and Sundays 12-5pm
Fridays and Saturdays 12-6pm

More images of artwork that will be in the 5th Annual Art Gallery Show:

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Images of work from previous Student/Emerging Artist Galleries

2016 Gallery:

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Earlier Galleries:

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Pop Up Arts is a project that is part of a larger SCAC effort to bring ever more art and arts programming to our city, and to provide tangible support to artists in all disciplines.  To date, our galleries have Popped Up 19 times across the city.  From the Rabbit Barn at the Kane County Fairgrounds, to the beautiful Clancy Building, to the wonderful renovated gym in the old Shelby School, we’ve been so delighted to serve so many artists and patrons with the help of so many volunteers and building owners.  Our Thanks to all!

Scroll down to check out the slide show of some of the fabulous art that has graced our galleries.  More gallery opportunities to come!

Images of artwork from previous galleries:

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